Mission & Vision

Welcome to the New England chapter of the National Association of African Americans in Human Resources (NAAAHR)!

NAAAHR New England is a professional association committed to advancing and sharing knowledge of the theoretical and practical applications of Human Resource Management for Human Resources practitioners, particularly those of African descent (Black, African, African American, Afro Caribbean, Afro Latino, and Latino). Our mission is to support and prepare HR leaders for the strategic business challenges they will face in their workplaces, and provide them with the resources to demonstrate the many benefits that a diverse HR staff can bring to business challenges.

This vision is accomplished by providing opportunities for professional growth and development, while creating spaces for members and partners to share innovative solutions for issues affecting their individual careers and the global workforce. Our members will have access to professional development, mentorship opportunities, and a network of HR leaders in the United States and aboard.

NAAAHR New England is a diverse organization that values and nurtures people from all backgrounds, and at all levels; from college students to executives; as they navigate and progress in their careers.

NAAAHR New England supports HR professionals living and working in Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, and Vermont. We will work closely with our colleagues in Connecticut, but that region has already begun their efforts to build a chapter and will not be part of the New England chapter at this time.

We invite you to join the growing success of our chapter and look forward to your membership, support, and participation!

For more information, contact info@NAAAHRNE.org.


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